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I’m Watching You

The Americans and Pussy Riot and those scary Russians—who are our mortal enemies or best friends or…?

The Americans is practically the best show streaming in my humble opinion. Spy story extraordinaire—which some have also called a family drama—dad, mom and the two kids in a pleasant Washington DC suburb. You know the usual family dinners and arguments and getting the homework done. Oh yeah, and then just for a change of pace, there’s the sizzling sex, whizzing bullets, slashed throats; busy genitalia, graphic death all quick and dirty. What’s not to love? Everything your warm and cozy self has ever desired on screen. Besides all the pizza and movie nights, and the scenic sex and vivid violence, the politics of the cold war, the devious dealings on both sides, the mislaid morality whatever the flag, is mesmerizing—and, may I say, worthy of our renewed attention. The first four seasons of The Americans are streaming on Amazon and—good news—two more will be available in the couple of years ahead. Watch this, you’ll feel the little shivery shock you first noticed when House of Cards was brand new.

Moving on with Bad Russians, I mean the Good Russians, Pussy Riot at the KiMo.

Let’s see, Susanna and I drank more wine than we usually do so maybe it just seemed so of-the-present and powerful, and such an important acknowledgement of what happens just before it gets as bad as it can get. One of the young women who were jailed was here and told her story in Russian as her fellow Pussy Rioters performed a sort of punk rock dance and music show. A documentary of the whole incident was screened in the background. The two primary thoughts/facts/fears I came away with: how strong one can be when the need arises, and how we had damn well better pay attention because Putin’s Russia is what our buddies in the White House desire for America. A society of oligarchs playing with the world’s resources, and tamping down on enough liberties so that the people who object can be silenced.

Art in all of its forms is so incredibly absolutely important – which of course is why the Republicans have always been desperate to rid the US of that troublesome occupation/reality/product. Art tells imaginary and TRUE stories, the most dangerous thing that can happen in a dictatorship. So work for ridding the world of Republicans and their ilk wherever they are—and if you decide being a spy is the way to go, be sure your weapons and your body beautiful are up to the challenge.