BOOKS: The constant love in my life—apart from a few people—has been books. I have desired them always, escaped with them constantly, moved them from apartment to apartment, overloaded my suitcase with them when traveling and purchased them somewhat promiscuously however lean my budget.

 I wish I could say that my book obsession goes hand in hand with great intellectual prowess but alas 99% of my reading has not been within the covers of Great Literature, although I will defend my choices as Good Books…almost always.

 My blogging has always included book posts but books are such a big part of my life so it will be interesting to exchange commentary with other like-minded bloggers—readers not necessarily interested in the other things about which I sometimes write.

 In “Reading Books” I’ll talk about books and bookstores in general—genres, favorites and survival of the species—and I’ll review each new book I read. The focus will always be on history, international crime fiction, and travel literature but it does shift around, especially to include reads that are a melding of some of the above with politics, geography and/or biography thrown into the mix.

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