And Films to Go Before I Sleep…

OscarLand is not for the faint of heart. I started this year determined to see every Oscar nominee available, host one last Oscar party and then end this not-very-old tradition because it is simply too exhausting. That’s still my goal but in terms of every available…maybe not. However as soon as I wrote that all of my obsessive-compulsive traits came into play and I am once again determined to persist…as we pushy broads are known to do… and see every single available nomination.

Two or three more movie posts and then this fine but unnecessary blog will be put to bed for the foreseeable future. Once again I have new blogging plans. Remember Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” which I used to love quoting but now with with-what’s-his-name in the white house it doesn’t seem as desirable to be inconsistent. On the other hand the Shyster isn’t at all inconsistent about having seriously stupid and or flawed positions on almost everything. Me though, I’m consistently conflicted about all of these inconsistencies of mine.

Rattling on without having had a wine or two it isn’t so much fun and I hardly ever drink wine anymore…must be all these movies making me crazy.

So where was I? Since the last post I’ve seen hundreds of films including Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, La La Land, Lion, Captain Fantastic, Florence Foster Jenkins, Life, Animated, and The Salesman. My favorite of the lot was Lion and/or The Salesman; least favorite La La Land.

Let me talk about Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, Florence Foster Jenkins, and Captain Fantastic together because they all represent classic western, feel good or Swiss Family Robinson standards. They are also all either excellent or very close.

Hell or High Water—traditional western, whose predecessors I watched for hundreds of hours at the Royal Theater in Northome, Minnesota. I loved them primarily for the horses galloping over the range land, in pursuit of or chased by the bad guys—now it’s all ratty cars or ragged trucks, not quite the same. Jeff Bridges almost makes up for all of those missing horses though.

Hidden Figures—feel-good movie and true story with important history. About smart smart women who happened to be black subjected to the fragile egos of the white guys surrounding them at NASA. They persisted and resisted in their slyly respectful ways, always with dignity and all the humor they could muster. Octavia Spencer should be a shoo-in for Actress in a supporting role.

Florence Foster Jenkins—another more traditional feel-good flick, and another true story. Opera singer who can’t sing, heart of gold, and so forth and so on. I liked it and of course Meryl (this nomination is for best actress) is always wonderful although Natalie Portman needs the Oscar for this one. Haven’t seen Loving yet so my mind could change.

Captain Fantastic—feel-good, Swiss Family Robinson version. Not even a little bit true story, but far-fetched as it is, it’s most entertaining. The nomination here is for  Viggo Mortensen, interesting looking guy and, I’m told, a great actor, but I think I’m going to vote for Andrew or Denzel for best actor after I’ve seen Hacksaw Ridge and Fences.

Life, Animated is a solid documentary, and a good primer for a beginning understanding of autism. It’s not great…13th is great, but it’s definitely worth seeing. On Netflix or Amazon, I forget.

About Lion and The Salesman. I love them both. A lot. Lion is another true story and we get to meet those really involved in the end, a trend I’m coming to enjoy. Lion also has Dev Patel so how could it not be fine, but nominated for a supporting role which is quite odd since he is certainly the main character in this epic search movie. Long story short, small boy gets lost, is transported thousands of kilometers from his home, survives on the street, is adopted by a loving Australian couple, grows up, searches for and finds his mother. It’s dubbed a survival tale which fits as well as my putting it in some sort of travel category. And Dev Patel should probably get Actor in a supporting role…or should Ali, or Bridges, or Hedges. Everyone in this category is brilliant…although haven’t seen (or heard of until now) Nocturnal Animals.

The Salesman is Iran’s contribution in the foreign film category. A tale of suspense. Wait that’s not quite right. I scanned several reviews trying to figure out where The Salesman was filmed. Here’s what one says: Some descriptions of “The Salesman” call it a thriller, suggesting a Hollywood-style suspense film. It’s not. It’s a psychological and moral drama about how one man’s anger and damaged self-image drive him to the brink of destroying the very thing he ostensibly most wants to protect: his marriage. I couldn’t find out where it was filmed but I’m hoping it was Tehran because part of the reason I like foreign films is because they’re a glimpse of another time and place. There are many excellent reviews of this and the director Asghar Farhadi’s other work. It’s in the top four or five of my favorites for this year I think.

Okay then. La La Land. I’m a fan of Los Angeles and this is a nice sightseeing trip around a city that never gets credit for being as interesting as it is. Also Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are really really good looking. One son loves this movie and one granddaughter hates it. Call them if you want to know more.


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