GREENLAND, CHAPTER THREE: “This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland”

I am trying to reblog these pieces to BOOK blog, “Platform of Words.” Can’t seem to quite make it work. Here goes again.


eqi_5 DSCN3303

From the preface of The Cold Heaven by Gretel Ehrlich:

…I was on hands and knees on a lateral moraine caressing alpine fescue and sniffing dwarf harbells while icebergs, big as warehouses, drifted by. Glistening white, they were the photographic negatives of Greenland’s black mountain fringe. (p. xi)

It took me awhile to read This Cold Heaven, mostly because it is too beautiful to read quickly. I sat here at my desk for awhile trying to figure out how I wanted to describe Ehrlich’s writing. Then I googled her and now have stolen a perfect descriptive sentence from Wikipedia. “Her characteristic style of merging intense, vivid factual observations of nature with a wryly mystical personal voice is evident….”

Ehrlich is described as a travel writer, poet and essayist; she’s from Wyoming and began most of her Greenland travels after spending two years recovering from being struck by lightning…

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