Greenland, Chapter Two: You Read and You Read and You Read

Since this is all about books, seemed like I should post it here too.



     It’s four weeks and three days until granddaughter Teresa and I leave Albuquerque for Copenhagen and, three days later, Narsarsuaq, Greenland.  There are many painfully mundane (paying) and some moderately-thrilling (trips to REI) tasks to complete—one of which is to record it all for posterity…and this blog.

     You know from the last post how this idea of going to Greenland came into being. I’m afraid I may not have been completely accurate; it’s possible that the Neset brain-glacier had long-ago started receiving messages from the Arctic north via a whole series of books, the first among them being my childhood favorites of Silver Chief Dog of the North and the Jack London books: White Fang and Call of the Wild. As a kid I was partial to books about horses and dogs. Obsessed with them is even closer to the truth and I endlessly begged for…

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