Platform of Words…for my trains of thought has been in hiatus for awhile as I focused on Time and Place ( which is intended for both travel and, more serious, flash non-fiction and Today (, my ‘now and then’ journal of family and everyday stuff.

However…it occurs to me as I pick up this Sunday Morning’s NYTimes, I need a place to vent my fear and frustration. To repost dispatches from the intelligent life remaining on this planet, especially any to be found on this continent, in this country. To talk about the fact that I am, for the first time ever, truly frightened of my country.

Oh sure, I’ve been worried before, during the Vietnam war for example, and very worried about the continued uptick of popularized stupidity, i.e. Sarah Palin for VP. But now I am quite honestly terrified. If it were just Donald Trump I would think perhaps that the rest of the world could somehow bring him to heel. But fascism, real fascism, defined in a Times article this morning as “a governmental system that asserts complete power and emphasizes aggressive nationalism and often racism.” ( is on the horizon and on the move.

It’s all over the world–and isn’t this what was happening prior to WW2? But never mind the rest of the world for a moment. Because we (USA USA USA) were, in my lifetime, supposed to be the universal good guys, saving the planet from fascist and communist excess. I suppose I believed that, brainwashing not being limited to any one place. And now there’s Donald Trump. So much for that lingering little wedge of conviction in my brain that my country was just a little better than other places (well, except for Scandinavia of course).

What to do? Voting could make a difference. But voting just elected that smart Mr. Obama…along with a slice of the unintelligent life on the planet to thwart any positive possibilities coming to us via the presidential route.

What to do?

Sometimes I’ll just talk about books here, and my ongoing classes. Which was mostly my intentions for this blog. Before it all got so scary.

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