The reading and writing for “Lyric Essay” is pure pleasure. Not too easy because I’ve never tried this kind of writing before; not too hard because it is writing, my love, after all; in fact it is just right. The ModPo MOOC has given me a grounding in poetry that I didn’t even know I needed until starting this class. Yay, school and classes and studying and writing.

Granddaughter Teresa, as addicted to school as I am, is headed for graduate school in the fall. Civil Engineering degree from UCLA, couple years of pretty intense work in the corporate world as a…well, I’m not sure…maybe ‘systems analyst’ is right? Now a master’s, next the doctorate very likely. She applied to five top civil engineering master’s programs and has been accepted by ALL. One school even flying her out to meet the professors. Trying to imagine anyone from the many universities and colleges I’ve attended and the plethora of classes taken ever being impressed enough by me to pay for my next round of study. So she’s smarter than I am. It is supposed to work that way isn’t it? Each generation gets more v-things—vegetables vitamins validation vaccinations—don’t they? Voila… more valedictorians. Working on my use of alliteration here…help me out…it’s for my class.

 In addition to this UCLA creative writing certificate, maybe I should go ahead and do a master’s in Gerontology from USC. I’m now okay with on-line programs from very reputable schools since sampling UCLA’s writing program and the brilliantly organized and taught MOOCs out there. Probably the tuition would suck up all of my travel money so doubt whether this will happen…but thinking about it is free. Then I could get my doctorate when I’m 80.

 This post was going to be more about IMAGES since the collection thereof is presenting such a problem for me. Now however I must do work work …so here are my images for today—never mind the 10 I am supposed to be gathering.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????DSCN7375DSCN7368

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