Barnes and Noble


Okay so I love Barnes and Nobel. Granted it’s not the neighborhood bookstore and we all know we need to keep those wonderful institutions alive. Still, I feel it’s okay to love anyplace with a focus on books. I used to love Amazon for that reason but no more. Amazon is now only about being the retailer of everything and not at all about books except as one more commodity. Therefore I will just go ahead and love Barnes and Nobel where I was this evening.

I had a mission from watching the National Book Awards the other night. The non-fiction winner was Evan Osnos’ The Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China which sounded like a must read before the 2015 trip Up North (and Way Over East). No time like the present to begin putting together my extensive reading list about Norway, Russia, Mongolia and China. Well actually I’ve already gathered together half-a-bedroom full of books about Vikings and Norway which I’m only about a third like of the way through but I’m ignoring that issue as I gear up for an evening at B&N.


I decided to focus on history for this trip to the big bookstore. I could check out whether any of my favorite dark and murderous Scandinavians has a new release. Usually I order them on line because, big as the local B&N store is, it cannot hold all of the Nordic Noir pouring forth from the lands of a homicidal midnight sun. Still never hurts to check the shelves. No. Stop. Not tonight.

I will also not go by the travel narrative section to see whether a new Theroux has emerged. Actually there are other travel writers as fine but few with as many global travel tales as Paul. But not tonight.

I did stick to my history plan and, thrillingly enough for me but unfortunately not for my budget, I not only found the Osnos book but several others. Histories and social commentary on Russia, North Korea, the Caribbean, and Hampton Sides new book on Arctic exploration. I simply do not have time to go to work, clean the house or eat. Just leave me alone okay?


Synchronicity. Osnos is on PBS NOW. What a smart and thoughtful and attractive guy he is. Can’t wait to read the book. Love books. Love B&N.

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