Poetry Makes Me Crazy

An afternoon and evening with Gertrude Stein. Off and on. With breaks to get out the winter clothes, store away summer. I’m halfway through my three hours with Stein, including the main class lectures, reading some of her poems and various critiques and a few YouTube segments. I am exhausted already. Never ever have I read anything by this very famous poet/writer before. How is that possible when I probably have enough total credit hours for about four degrees? Well, it is possible because I never wanted to…I was afraid to…No one ever told me to…Life is too short.

I do not understand this but since the TAs in the class discussion are working so very hard to come to terms with it, the least I can do is try. I thought this all was making me feel smart. Maybe not.

Let me share.

By Gertrude Stein

WATER RAINING: Water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a meadow and a stroke.

COLD CLIMATE: A season in yellow sold extra strings makes lying places.

So this is about disengaging words from their usual meaning and creating new uses for them/new juxtapositioning of the them? Something like that.

Back to the lecture.


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