What if I bought a powerball ticket and won $20 million? What if the Bulgarian banker—who can’t spell but has access to my great-uncle’s safe deposit box which contains another $20 million which can be forwarded directly to me if only I will send a measly 5K for postage—is for real and I send the 5K and $20 million is credited to my checking account.

Then, instead of only writing on weekends, I would slave over this hot keyboard all week long. At my desk at 8am, wrapping up a productive day of many words at 5pm. Right?

Whatever. Life is good at the end of a long day with words words words. Second week of my new UCLA class, Using Found Texts: Deepening Your Writing. Of course I love it. What’s not to love—it’s a class. With assignments. And a teacher. I so never emotionally moved on from Sixth Grade.

Then I watched the lectures for my new MOOC. French Revolution from the University of Melbourne. Possibly the best one I’ve taken so far. Although Old Globe/Ageing from University of Pennsylvania was excellent as well. So Coursera is one of or possibly the main purveyor of these classes and it is much better organized and more user friendly in every way than its rival, EdX which I think is connected with Harvard.

Okay, now my favorite time of a word day. To bed with Bad Blood, my latest and one of my favorites in the Swedish Noir line.


One thought on “A WRITER’S LIFE

  1. I had a much better offer from a widow lady in Nigeria who was married to a pastor, praise Jesus, and for $ 2,500 would transfer the account to mine and I could collect $ 10,000 just for myself. What a deal. However, I forgot to do it. Well, didn’t have a dime to send her anyway, next time,perhaps. Those Nigerians are so nice. My brain is turning to mush, yours seems to be doing great. Must be all that reading and taking courses. Now i feel bad because my brain is turning to mush because I don’t use it.

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