This is about Serious Writing

This blog will henceforth be about Serious Writing. At least for awhile. Namely work from a Creative Non-fiction Writing course on-line through UCLA. The class costs money and offers a grade (which my forever-6th grade heart loves). It’s possible to get a certificate of some kind if you take a number of these classes which I may decide to do if this actually makes me try harder and with more consistency TO WRITE.

I was hesitant initially but have decided to post my class assignments here on PLATFORM OF WORDS although I did create another blog for this purpose. Unfortunately I don’t like the other blog’s format and cannot figure out how to change it so here I am. I would welcome feedback from any one that happens to read any of this.

So here was part of my class introduction. Just so you know what I’m trying to do.

The goal is to write a memoir of movement (travel) in three parts. The first (Up North) is a book about my family’s first thousand years and their travels from the Arctic north of Europe to a near-Arctic place called Minnesota and my early life there. The second (The First Hundred are the Hardest) is a compilation of vignettes from my travels to date. The third (And Miles to Go Before I Die…) is planned as a blog that accompanies me as I try to reach the final 95 or so countries on The List. I call the entire project Window Seat and I have been working on it, rather haphazardly I’m afraid, by compiling notes, focused reading and blogging for some time.

I am having great difficulty trying to figure out how to meld some variation of my personal blogging voice and stories with material that offers geographic, historical and cultural context. I look forward to this class helping me channel Paul Theroux, add a heavy dash of personal memoir and produce books of which I will be very proud whether they’re published or not.

Next.  The Time was Then; The Place was Up North

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