So many devices, so little time--except for my whole weekend So many devices, so little time–except for my whole weekend

This is not really about our beloved machines; it is about the pleasure of the programming, carried on any device, which encourages us to sit passively viewing moving stories on screens, large and small.

Me, I love them—all those stories whether fiction, fact, even the occasional spectacle. Until they tires me out and I can get back to other (more) worthwhile things in life like reading and writing and walking and cooking and painting and thinking.

But it seems I must have escape times that last for hours or even a couple of days. I’ve always done this. In my pre-television, pre-Netflix series years I simply stayed in bed all day in my pajamas, reading and reading. My mother let me do that instead of going to school every single day. Thanks, Mom.

Now sometimes I do the book days…

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