Reading Books was intended to be a place for reviews, critiques and sometimes just riffing about all things book. Also about MOOCs and going back to class.

I am reading books, attempting to keep up with too many classes and have started another writing project so, it turns out, it is not possible to write/blog here as well. For now.

Since not writing about the books I read feels like missing an important part of the experience. It is a little depressing and quite stressful to admit—that—I—cannot—keep—up.

This is just a hiatus however, not a giving up altogether. Reading Books will show up occasionally and eventually become the once-a-week blog it was meant to be.

MEANWHILE. Read “Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking.” It is full of stuff for history buffs, foodies, people who love their moms and all of us who know very little about ordinary life in the USSR when that entity actually existed. 


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